Why GSTN number not added in receipt?

TRF QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy GSTN number not added in receipt?
Padama Handa asked 5 months ago

Hi friends, I am paying company’s tax amount in online. I have get proper messages and notification about login in my name. I am getting receipt in online but in that bill not getting the GSTN number. How is it possible? I am paying the mentioned amount and given the required details also. I need to change the mobile number in my registration certificate. How to edit that? I am getting proper instructions and response from the GST portal. But why the mistake is occurred. Did you know any reason for that? I want some needful information and required details about that.
My friends are using the same portal address and also pay their tax amount in online. He is getting proper invoice bill with all details. Shall i need to pay for the correction about my mobile number? I am getting the proper guidelines and ideas from GST registration website. It is getting and collecting the all user’s reviews and thoughts. It helps to know about what are the issues are available in GST registration and how to solve the problem in better way. I need to know about VAT and GST.
What is VAT and what is the difference between the GST and VAT? i am searching those information in online. But not getting proper way and how to join the group of GST. I need to get the day to day updates and daily news about that. I need the good details and original points for me. I am using the common method for paying the tax amount. My uncle is guide for check the status and payment process in online. But I need to know about add my new business name in GST certificate. I am getting some mistakes in adding the name for my business.

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